Final animation for showreel

I have completed a piece of moving image to go along side my books:

I am happy with the way this turned out – I feel that it will work well in the degree show in addition to my books because it is a different way for an audience to experience these mysterious narratives. In contrast to the books which are there for people to unfold and look through at their own pace, the animations will be progressing through the images in a pre-determined pace. One of the postcards I used in this animation was also used in “Having a lovely time here”.  I feel that having these small links between books/animation is good for the theme of my project as I want the audience to feel that they are the ones discovering something.

I would like to continue using moving image for this project in the future as I think this sort of photo-roman works well with the cropping/zooming in method I have been using in my books. To explore what could be done further, I would like to see how painted elements would work within this – I could perhaps use paint to speculate the before and after in more detail.

Thinking more critically about this, I feel that the pacing would still need a bit of working out, and that I should try to be more minimal with how many frames I use she panning/zooming in or out.


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