Book Titles

Somewhere in the process of producing artwork for the books I started losing confidence in my project as I was concerned that it was too vague for an audience to get anything out of. I took this concern to a tutorial and was advised that my books may need some form of a trigger, and that this could be through use of book titles that can add another layer of narrative to the books.

I went and looked through all the postcards I had found that had text on and found:

  • “We went on a night tour by bus and boat”
  • “we’re having a lovely time in Bournemouth the weather has been very good.
  • “I went in the water yesterday”
  • “I hope everything is alright”
  • “The weather was not bad”
  • “Dave and I went to Holland yesterday.”
  • “Having a lovely time here”
  • “we are up in the mountains, 450 feet up and can see the snow”
  • “Can’t write any more bus waiting”
  • “We are staying here until Thursday night”

After writing these down on paper, cutting them out and moving them around next to different postcard covers, I decided on these combinations:

Car Chase final spreads

flowerbed stalker final spreads

Caves final spreads

For the design of the covers I decided to copy the font/placing etc of the text that was on one of the postcards to keep the illusion that they are postcards.


I feel that these could be a powerful addition to my books in that they will give the images another layer of context. I  tried out lots of different ways of matching up postcard to text, but found that the words worked better if there was something  that vaguely related them to what happens later on in the postcard, for example the last one is called ‘We are staying here until Thursday Night’ – this suggests that the 4 people we see later on in this cave are staying there until Thursday Night. This collision brings up new narratives altogether – is this a planned meeting?




Painted elements


Based on narratives that have already been partially formed from the postcards, I have been painting lots of different sequences of images. my aim for these was to ‘extend’ what was already there in the postcard, to give more of a sense of place, and to speculate what may have happened before and after a postcard was taken.

It has been a challenge to try to decide how far I want to  take the narrative out of the postcard, as I think that the cropped elements of the actual postcards are crucial to the main concept of the project, and the more imagined things I have, the less ‘evidence’ i will have, so I am trying to keep the balance so that it looks as if the postcards are evidence for the paintings.

Secret 7″ Submission

secret 7 1