2001- A Space Odyssey

I recently watched Stanley Kuberick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey as it was mentioned to me in a tutorial because the way I had painted the washing machine looked a bit like the computer in the film.

This is the second film of his that I have seen and something that strikes me is Kuberick’s use of symmetrical compositions. They seem to impose significance on the subject, even if it just appears to be something unremarkable. The symmetrical, almost flat compositions seem to make things look more enigmatic.

One thing I found interesting was how the film flicked between focused human dialogue, and eerie, empty scenes of the space station moving through space. – this is an interesting contrast because the somewhat dull human events such as eating, exercising and talking from within the space station seem so trivial next to these huge scenes.This in particular could potentially be relevant to my current project because it says that quiet, busy, trivial and dramatic moments are all happening at the same time as each other, and I find that to be an interesting concept.




In a tutorial it was suggested that I try taking my images and ideas into  moving image to get more of a sense of place, and a sense of time passing. I have tried animating some of the images I have already made;

I think it would be interesting to see how these quiet narratives translate through movie image and how time and pacing can be used. Here are some I have been making;




This is the first time I have used a more computer-based method for animating as in the past I have always used paper-cut out then photographed it like a stop- motion. I felt that this was the right route to take for this project though as I think if I used the paper cut-out method it would look like paper stop motion, rather than a moving painting. These have been created from paintings I did without thinking about animation but I would also like to try doing some specifically for this.

Out of these animations I feel that the fridge was successful because it seemed to tell a story through time. I am not so happy with the one with the cups yet but I think I just need to pace it better.

To take this project further I would like to explore moving image more, and also experiment with the idea of bringing other things to this – such as found texts as suggested in a tutorial, or using overheard conversations and putting them next to one of these narratives to see what is created from the combination of these things.