Charity final animation

This is my Final outcome for the charities project.

I chose to do an animation so that I could show a transformation from a dried up reservoir to a green space full of wildlife and people walking around it. I think that the animation is effective in showing this, but I think if I had more time I would try and make more of the short scenes like the flowers and fish so that more of the wildlife can be shown.

I had a lot of problems with colour in the last scene as I wanted the colours to be clear and bright to suit the tone of the project , but if both the blue sky and green trees/wildlife were saturated It didn’t look natural. I tried solving this by keeping the sky quite pale, but still a clear, summery blue.

The audio is actually taped from the reservoir and I tried to base the animation off of the actual reservoir as much as possible e.g. researching what wildflowers grow over there so that I can animate those types of flowers specifically.

I have contacted my charity and they said that they would consider using my animation on their website.


Original charity animation

This is the first full animation I completed for the charities briefing. This wasn’t the final animation I would be planning to send to Reservoir Action Group because there are a few issues with it. In the critique it was pointed out that the colours might be a bit too dark and dull for what it is for. I agree with this, and decided to start again on a new animation. I also thought that maybe the next animation could be more focused on the wildlife and people aspect of things rather than just the sail boat.

Charity/Stop motion research

London Film Festival trailers

I think the continuous panning down in this animation is really effective and I also like how when some of the props are 3d, for example the buildings, so as the camera is panning down the perspectives change slightly.

Jon Klassen

This isn’t a stop motion but I think some of the points of view used are interesting and the whole animation seems to flow well even though there are multiple scenes being shown. This is almost like an animated info graphic in some places.