Jan Svankmajer’s Attic – the final images

These are the final page spreads for “Jan Svankmajer’s Attic”. The title was inspired by how much inanimate objects are used to tell stories in his films and I thought it would be interesting to try and tell Jan Svankmajer’s story through objects I would imagine he had, such as film equipment and props from his films.

I can’t help feeling that the compositions in this book may be slightly repetitive due to the inanimate objects being small square/rectangle shapes. I tried to make sure the compositions were varied but maybe I could have played more with scale.

I am happy I went with the idea of using inanimate objects because I think it looks effective however, I think this book might need some text to accompany the images so this can be something for me to work on at another time.

I hand-bound my book, made the hardback cover and handmade my paper so it is more like a one-off artists book. One day I would like to professionally print this to see how it translates into a printed book. In my tutorial people seemed to like the jagged edges and it was suggested to me that I could put black behind the handmade paper so that I could still keep these edges if I wanted to print it.


One Comment on “Jan Svankmajer’s Attic – the final images”

  1. Mr. Scade says:

    That texture. That texture.

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