London Constellation trip- Ben Wilson on the Millennium Bridge

Whilst in London with my Constellation group I was lucky enough to see artist Ben Wilson painting discarded pieces of chewing gum on the Millennium Bridge. I think this is relevant to both my city project and collaborative work.

It was fascinating to see how different people reacted to these tiny paintings, and some people only seemed to notice them once they had seen other people crawling around taking photos of them. This reminds me of an idea my collaboration group thought up Рto leave our miniature city/cities around Cardiff for people to discover. This idea also ties in with my project on both the idea of collections, and the unnoticed things in a city.









Sketch of what I imagine our final piece to look like

After talking about practicalities of what we were going to make, I did  sketch of what I was imagining this to look like Рto show it and see if we were imagining the same thing.



Life Drawing – 28/02/2014

Life Drawing 3





Life Drawing – 25/02/14

life drawing 1

life drawing 2

Life Drawing Graphic Novel Master-class: 03/12/13

Graphic Novel scans 001

graphic novel life drawing